About Us

We are a manufacturing company dealing with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration system. Our experience spans over 25 years and have worked with reputed companies across India. We have been working with Maruti Suzuki, Honda, and Aditya Birla group to name a few. Our support staff are extremely trained and have been performing at the highest level that have made us a reliable name in the industry.

Frizcoolindia has great expertise in creating Flame proof air conditioners that are customized and works efficiently for warehouses and factories. We provide air conditioners, cold rooms and freezer rooms, air handling units, HVAC projects, portable cabins and all kinds of spare parts required for industrial operations, Starting from pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical processing to fertilizers, our clients across several industries have been using our products for quite some time now.

Manufacturing industries faces damages worth billions of dollars due to fire related accidents. With a large number of machineries and installations being used, organizations are using machinery, wiring, emergency response programs, alarm systems and others to deal with it. Air conditioners have been a major cause of trouble in inciting fires. fort. The challenges are often quite big and finding the faults often becomes challenging. Thanks to our constant training, field executives from our organization have been doing this without any backlogs for the last two decades. We fix thermostatic expansion valves, refrigerant condensing units, finned heat exchangers and self-contained automatic ice-makers as well.

By maintaining ISO standards and helping our clients to get back to the business every time they fail has reduced waiting time for the industries. Our management team, shareholders and partners have been standing like a guiding force in this endeavor. We aim to continue performing at this level and make the industrial AC’s easier to deal with.

Our Mission

To encourage industries in upgrading their safety standards and use products that are in accordance to ISO standards

Our Vision

To become the largest suppliers of flame proof Air conditioners across India.


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